It’s the end of the year so it’s time for all those Music Top 10 list to start popping up everywhere. Yet this is not the end of just any year, it’s the end of a decade. So who was this decades top earning musician? Would you beieve that the top dog hasn’t dropped an album since 2015? Or that they haven’t toured since 2001? Well according to Forbes that achievement belongs to … (insert drumroll here) … Dr. Dre. With a measly $950 million coming in the Doc barely edged out Taylor Swift and her $825 million dollar claim. While T-Swifts earnings are mostly from actual albums and tours Dr. Dre’s throne was built mostly on the earnings from his 20% stake in the now Apple Owned headphone company Beats. There is a small disclaimer about this crown though, the list only includes living artist. If they were to extend the participants beyond the grave the runaway title holder would have been Michael Jackson with $2.1 billion earned in this past decade.


Source: Forbes